Video mapping

It is the art of projecting images adapted to the shape of various surfaces or objects, creating motion effects or 3D volumes, giving rise to fantastic shows. You can create “magical life” within the space, using original supports to project.

The video mapping can be used both in outdoor and indoor shows, in large spaces and in small objects.

According its applications, we offer the following classification:

Mapping for atmospheres

Decorative visual installation, taking into account the context, both the objects and the architectural structure of the place where it will be develop.

The result, an innovative virtual setting in space.

This type of mapping can be temporary for a specific or permanent event as a fixed visual installation.

* from 500 EUR onwards

Mapping for stage design

2D and 3D projections that adapt to a structure designed for the artist or event. Working with a personalized aesthetic, it provides the visual spectacle of lights and mapped images on the stage.

We work in concerts, theater, festivals, company events, hotels and parties, among other things.

* from 900 EUR onwards

Mapping on buildings

Creation of a mapping show on the façade of the building, visuals are designed and mapped to be projected within the architecture of the space.

A story is developed, which follows an aesthetic and choreographic concept that goes ad-hoc with music, giving the feeling that architecture magically comes alive.

* from 4.000 EUR onwards

* ¡Contact us and ask for budget!

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